Mindfuck – Festival German Cinema 2016

18 Okt

Saya menghadiri festifal film Jerman di Bandung yang diadakan tanggal 15-17 Oktober 2016 di XXI Ciwalk. Kapan lagi nonton bioskop gratis, pikir saya. Saya hanya menghadiri pemutaran 5 dari 9 film karena kendala waktu dan kemalasan. Berikut adalah rangkuman pengalaman (karena saya terlalu malas bikin ulasan yang baik dan benar)1. Verfehlung

  1. VERFEHLUNG (2015)
    by Gerd Scneider 

    About a priest whose colleague slash best friend was charged with sexual abuse. First thing I noticed was these priests are very pleasant to the eye /smacked. I thought it’s going to be something like The Hunt. Apparently the accused was guilty, but the church bailed him out and covered things up on the basis of compassion to the guilty, solidarity, and keeping the parishioners’ faith. Jakob, the main character, was against this. Lying is wrong and it’s obvious he worries for the (future) victims. At the same time he’s doing service for a rape convict who ended up losing hope committing suicide. This must have reminded Jakob of his friend in similar position. In the end, nothing changed. It ends with jakob fighting his friend and realize that before he could judge or save his fallen friend, he had to free himself from his own sins and prejudices.

    I’m in a love-hate relationship with such ending. Nothing is solved and everyone’s still sad as ever. I hate it because i already know life is shitty, i don’t need a movie to tell me that. I love it because the message is beautiful.

    The acting was stellar. I was dragged into a roller coaster of emotions. The dilemma was so real that all i thought throughout the film as the same as what Jakob thought of. What is right or wrong. The film is kinda confusing because it’s too much ‘show’ and I’m kinda unfamiliar with pastoral terms.

    Then I watch a review on:…/german-film-tackles-aftermath-…/a-18344744

    My afterthought: my favorite thing about this movie is how it talks about the thin line between judgement, forgiveness, and feigning ignorance, especially in a religious community. I can relate to feeling the need to correct misconduct while knowing i have faulty perception on things, not to mention misconduct in different aspects. Plus instead of judging, shouldn’t we show more compassion? But we were also told that it was wrong to let wrongdoings slide. Aaaaand we can’t be sure if what we perceive as wrongdoings are actually wrong.

    2. 24 WOCHEN (2016)
    by Anne Zohra Berrached

    THIS. IS. SCARY. And very depressing.

    about a stand up comedian whose unborn child was diagnosed with down syndrome and heart defect faced with the option to go through late stage abortion.

    Not to far in we get to see prejudice towards people with down syndrome FROM A TEEN AND A LITTLE GIRL. Then we get an insider view on the life of a handicapped baby in intensive care. THE CRIES SOUNDED LIKE IT HURT SO MUCH. Not to mention the cuts on womb interior. Then I began imagining what it’s like being a clot of frail junk in such dark, cramped space and born into a small frail and helpless body. BEING BORN IS SCARY. And I’d have to go through such phase again if I were reborn as human. The pain would be unbearable, years of being helpless. And i’ll have to suffer through growing up, along with all those bad memories that are still haunting me now. And that’s if I were human. Chances are I couldn’t even be human again.
    Of course, pregnancy and giving birth are scary too. The main character made a tough choice. I disagree, but it’s understandable.

    by Florian Micoud Cossen

    “Dead is dead.” –Miranda

    It talks about death. And it’s VERY CUTE.
    Mike Tyson (not the boxer) wants to die because life sucks and he has nothing to live for. After numerous failed suicide attempt, the last one led him to find a tumor in his brain. It can be fixed with a surgery but why get rid of the tumor if it could grant his wish? Knowing death will come soon enough, he is now able to enjoy his last living days.

    Mike reminds me of the main character in The Perks of Being A Wallflower, but cuter. He covered his room with plastic before shooting himself (with a blank rifle). His last message was “Don’t forget to feed the goldfish”. He builds his own coffin and buries dead deer he accidentally ran over. After he got the tumor diagnosis, the scene was just amazing.

    Spoiler alert, dude lives and someone else dies. It was sad without too much screaming and bawling. More bittersweet kind of sad, but it’s still fun to watch. The synopsis made me believe it’s going to be all hospital drama and angst, but this isn’t. There is angst and drama but they are portrayed in something other than yelling and breaking things (there are those too, but just enough). And in the end, I like how it portrays death as something to be accepted, while life is to be lived.

    After all, death is certain, its time is uncertain.

    And The music was fascinating. Actually adds more than mere ambience bgm. Best parts: post diagnosis, mom vs dad battle, funeral song for the dead deer.

    Have someone else’s review and a trailer.

    4. LENALOVE (2016)
    by Florian Gaag

    Moral message: “Don’t fuck with artists.”

    If Kipen were more serious and edgy, this would be his work. It’s thriller in completely common setting. No serial killer, no psychopaths, no ghosts, no creepy myths. Only mishaps from plain teenage jealousy, a little drugs, adult insecurities, and fake social media account. The emotional intensity was on par with The Hunt, if not more. The pressure is on everyone. Everyone is guilty for something and suffering from something. I won’t talk about the plot, except that it ends with a power couple creating elaborate and fantastic mural collab overnight.

    Everyone who can get a hand on this should watch it.

    and #1 otp in the festival goes to the power couple. Once again, don’t fuck with artists.

    5. WILD (2014)
    by Jean-Marc Vallee


    Basically girl meets boy. Replace boy with wolf. And girl might actually be wolf in girl body. Add a confused boss and voila!

    I’m still mindfucked.

    Best actor might go to the wolfies. I don’t know how they manage to go through this whole thing.

    Despite the mindfuck, canine is love, canine is life.

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